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What do we offer?


Public Programs

Support in defining strategy, leading the development of strategic plans and build with the pharma the memorandums to achive access to major public funding programs.
Specially focussed on managing EU Next Generation funds. NexTo has a wide experience and the network of global alliances that allows to get a succesful achievement.

Market Access

Support in identifying all the decision-makers and link with stakeholders (EMA, FDA, DHHS and others) who take part in the approval of the use and financing of a drug.
Create an effective and successful communication strategy, which helps to make all the value information of the product clear to the network of actors who will make the decision regarding to the use and financing of the medicine.

Regulatory approval and compliance

Development the strategy of the pharma to adhering the legislation and regulations that apply to the pharma industry. Support to understand and interpret regulations across the full spectrum of the product lifecycle. It covers a variety of key topics including regulatory requirements, submissions, strategy, compliance during pre-market and post-market phases, and requirements in the major international markets.

IP Advice

Design the implementation of an IP protection policy that allows pharma companies to continue investing in the high-stakes process of drug development, knowing that successful innovation will not be imitated without a period in which it can be rewarded properly.