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pharma industry
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What is NexTo Capital?

NexTo Capital is a specialized pharma consultancy, composed of a multidisciplinary team with wide experience in the issues facing the pharmaceutical, bio-scientific and health products industries.

We provide to our clients, both multinational organisations and new business projects, global and integral advice and consultory services, advising them at all stages of the development of their projects to access to public programs.

We are specialized in guide large pharmaceutical corporations in the management of projects to obtain Next Generation funds that the European Union launched to rebuild a hardy European pharmaceutical industry after the crisis caused by Covid-19.

Our corporate name is our headword: “Next To” being the nearest consultant partner to pharma industry.

Helping pharma industry access to public stakeholders

Our specialist consultory services for the sector include

Public Programs
Market Access
Regulatory approval and compliance
IP Advice

NexTo collaborates within the framework of the EU Next Generation Program and relationship with the main stakeholders of the pharmaceutical industry: EMEA, FDA and others